DI Water Unit: PRO-Series

ส็อตออนไลน์รวม:Water Purifying Device

Purelite Machine: PRO-0040/0100/0250/0500





Biochemical Analyzer, Fade Meter, Thermo-Hygostat, Humidifier-Distillation, Pharcueticals, Manufacturing Water, Variuos Cleaning, Uktra-Pure Water Supply, Analysis & Reagent Adjustment


1. One Cabinet Compact Setting: Activated Carbon to water purifying tank are stored in compact space. Attached wheels make it easy to move too.

2. Lower Running Cost: As a result of its reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, Less usage Ion Exchange Resin.

3. Selection of Goods: An abundant various of?instrument?such as environmental tester and biochemical. Analyzer with purifying Pump (which is option)

4. Visualized Control LCD Screen

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